Typescript + Karma + Webpack + Coverage with lit element

Every year there is this moment to check up on one of the most criticized technologies in the browser called **Web Components.** This is the first time the thermometer feels like it is ready to be used at my customers.

Marketing, 3rd party scripts on the web in 2020

‘Third-party scripts’ is the way marketing solutions have been implemented for quite a while now. 2021 could be the year to change you company's strategy.

Ubuntu and Nodejs Wallpaper.

Node.js is another local favorite here.

Website performance metrics from real users with minimal impact.

Technique to obtane website performance metrics from real users with minimal to no impact.

Determine if open source code has quality and will fit your software project requirements.

Is it a good idea if I use this open source code for the (enterprise) software project I am working on?

Icons to the browser in 2016 using svg symbol

The way icons are sent to the browser have changed a lot over the past couple of years. In this article I will try to elaborate on the history and the technique to use in 2016.

Dumping KLM.

It’s not you, it’s me.

Device lab access point

As the amount of devices grows testing setup time starts to grow exponentialy. This tool provides an instant easy to understand access point for your devicelab users

Encapsulate the Youtube Iframe API with RequireJS

After not finding a nice encapsulated javascript module. My attemt to use the Youtube Iframe API inside a module definded with RequireJS.