Strategy, development and delivery of online systems.

With over twelve years of industry experience, Roland encompasses both business and technical expertise, making him a valuable all-rounder for clients seeking to develop new or upgrade platforms with a long lifespan. A skilled Javascript specialist, Big Data engineer, DevOps developer, project manager, technical consultant.



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Javascript and web Front-end Architecture

Ask 5 people what the above role means you will probably get 5 different answers, The vague “front-end development and design” industry, is just growing and changing so quickly that it can be hard to get a grip on. Thankfully most bussiness owners realize nowadays that Front-end development is a specialization and should not be an afterthought, something to start after all of the important work has been done. Front-end Architecture to me is a collection of processes. It’s a discipline, and those who practice it are Architects. We are planning, developing and managing a system and tooling to create high quality websites and applications.

Agile Coach

In my current position I call myself an Agile coach. This is a term that can be interpreted in many ways. Basically, I try to create an environment that helps the planning, team culture, learning and motivation. I use all kinds of techniques from Human Factors, scrum, Kanban, lean six sigma, extreme programming. Why is this important you might ask. Failure rates of software projects are high. Estimated at around 20%. What makes this even more worrying is that the failure rates increase as the complexity, team member count and budget increases.

Strategy development

We walk around with super computers in our pockets. As chips, sensors, screens become cheaper we will be seeing this everywhere. What services we are required to produce will be a shift that equals the current shift in human behavior. The sustainable competitive advantage most companies are trying to achieve won't last long in this day and age. The world is simply changing too fast. So what can we do instead? We need to move to continuous innovation. An environment where your teams can and need to provide continuous delivery of business value. Enabling this is not limited by technology funny enough it is limited by people and how fast they can learn new methods and technology's.